Ok probably not what the inventors of hockey had in mind but it works well. Info on how to make some.


  • (1) per- hockey puck
  • (1) per- 5/8"-11 4" long FULLY threaded bolt. Carriage bolts would work also. 
  • (3) per- hex nut
  • (1) per- 5/8" washer

(I am sure this could be done w/o a lathe. The instructions below show the use of a Rockwell lathe but you could probably use a drill press with a wood paddle bit and a drill. )
  • Chuck up the puck.
  • Use a 5/8" drill and drill hole in middle of puck.
  • Use boring bar and place a .25 deep 1" dia pocket on center as shown. This is probably the only semi critical part of the entire part. You want to make sure the pocket is deep enough so the bolt head sits below the bottom surface of the leveling foot. 
  • Assemble... yep very easy.


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